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Patient Manager Advanced 3


Patient Manager is a patient software that covers the following topics:

  • Patient Tracking Software
  • Patient Management Software
  • Patient Scheduling Software
  • Patient Billing Software
  • Patient Records Management

The Patient Manager application is an efficient Patient Software that empowers you to track patient history and bills, organize patients and manage their schedules and medical records.

Patient Tracking Software

The Patient Manager application helps you record and track in an elegant way the history of your patients.
The Patient File tool centralizes in a single page all the medical patient’s medical encounters and gives control to the most important functions of the program.


Patient Tracking Software
Track patient history with Patient File – Click image to enlarge


Patient Management Software

You can manage patients with Patient Manager by organizing them in folders and subfolders, by the type of patient or by the main administered treatment.


Patient Management Software
Patient Folders and Search Folders – Click image to enlarge


Patient Scheduling Software

Either you need schedulling for a medical office or for a clinic, Patient Manager lets you plan your appointments with your patients with an intuitive and visually expressive manner.


Medical Schedules
Daily Patient Schedules and Events – Click image to enlarge


Patient Billing Software

In Patient Manager the Patient Billing is integrated in the medical records, and you have one place and one time data entry of the medical issues and the costs of the consultation.


Patient Billing Software<
Patient Billing integrated in the Consultation Editor – Click image to enlarge


Patient Records Management

You can securely store your Patient Records with Patient Manager.
Some fields of the Patient Records are:

  •   Rich text – allows text formating like font (font type, color, bold), paragraphs (left, right, center, justify)
  •   ICD10 Diagnostics – ICD is the abbreviation for International Classification of Diseases, which assigns a unique code to every health condition
  •   Smart Medications – reuse medications prescribed in the past for a specific disease
  •   Medical Billing information
  •   Medical Images



Electronic Medical Records
Electronic Medical Records


  • Inpatients and Outpatients
  • Customize your wards, rooms and beds
  • Quick search

 Inpatients and Outpatients

You can manage both your inpatients and outpatients. For outpatients, you are provided with a room ward and viewer, and with an inpatient timeline viewer for effective bed scheduling.

Customize your wards, rooms and beds

The configuration of the wards, rooms and bed is customizabile for you hospital. You can define in fine detail, and even specify the room type, for males or females.

Quick search

The patients are easily findable by parts of they name, ID or demographics. You can type part of the name or ID to identify the patient.

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