A big thanks to our readers who participated in our second annual KHN Halloween Haiku Contest. Your entries — like our health care system — ranged from eerie and haunting to downright spooky. And, based on a review by our expert panel of judges, here’s the winner and a sampling of finalists. Also, keep an eye on KHN’s social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) for more of our favorites. Enjoy!



Boo! It’s the virus

Glad you are trick or treating

What luck, I am too

— JK

Inspiration: How Families Are Keeping Halloween From Turning Into a COVID Nightmare



Ghost of the mandate

lives on, haunting the high court,

sending chills down spines.

— Barbara Armstrong

Inspiration: Potential Impact of California v. Texas Decision on Key Provisions of the Affordable Care Act

Ah, Trump’s “beautiful”

health care plan. Real? Or just an


invisible ghost?

— Shefali Luthra

Inspiration: Back to the Future: Trump’s History of Promising a Health Plan That Never Comes

If sickness scares you

Wait for the debt collectors

Liens and lawsuits lurk

— Arielle Levin Becker

Inspiration: UVA Health Still Squeezing Money From Patients — By Seizing Their Home Equity

Shivers down your spine

An indifferent voice sighs

“You’re out-of-network.”

— Annaliese Johnson

(Hannah Norman/KHN Illustration)

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