Although the coronavirus pandemic shut down many organizations and businesses across the nation, KHN has never been busier ― and health coverage has never been more vital. We’ve revamped our Behind the Byline YouTube series and brought it to Instagram TV.


Journalists and producers from across KHN’s newsrooms take you behind the scenes in these bite-size videos to show the ways they are following the story, connecting with sources and sorting through facts — all while staying safe.

Lydia Zuraw: The Count — and the Toll

The Guardian and KHN are documenting the lives of U.S. health care workers who have died of COVID-19 complications after being exposed to the coronavirus on the job. Profiles from the Lost on the Frontline project are updated twice a week. So, for months, California Healthline producer Lydia Zuraw has spent endless hours preparing photos, managing text and gathering assets to make sure the posts look great for publication. As the hundreds of faces pass her desk, the death toll is sometimes “emotionally draining,” Zuraw said. But the work has also been a reminder that each person had a family, hobbies and people who loved them, she said.

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