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You’ve probably noticed that the U.S. economy is crashing. What you might not expect is that almost half of the economic devastation comes from just one sector — health care.

That’s according to a first-quarter 2020 estimate of U.S. gross domestic product from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which pundits later shared on social media.

Much of the slowdown came after hospitals postponed elective surgeries and as Americans skip routine medical care to avoid potential exposure to the coronavirus.

The episode includes interviews with Kaiser Health News senior correspondent Jenny Gold, who spoke with struggling pediatricians; and ProPublica reporter Isaac Arnsdorf, who found that even emergency room docs fighting COVID-19 aren’t immune to the economic downturn.

As a society, we need health care workers like never before to fight COVID-19, but many medical professionals are feeling the financial pinch because of the way we pay for health care in this country.

Health care runs a lot like the restaurant industry. When people stop showing up for Sunday brunch — or for elective hip replacements, colonoscopies and face-lifts — the enterprise runs short of cash fast.

Episode 5 explores the COVID downturn, how health care is fueling the recession and what that could mean for our wallets.

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